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Manufacturing Automation Planning Lab - UFU

 MAPL is a Lab located at the Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, and coordinated by Prof. José Jean-Paul Z. S. Tavares, who got his master and doctor degree in D-Lab. Prof. Jean-Paul PhD theme was in the planning and design of the manufacturing process specially when time - considered as a parameter, not real time - was a concern. The case study was concentrated in the automotive industry, specially on workflow of material, that is, welding blanks, where the time of storage could cause...

Tiago Vaquero, NASA-JPL

   D-Lab works in collaboration with Tiago S. Vaquero who is today in NASA-Jet Propulsion Lab. Tiago was a master and PhD student in D-Lab and is the creator of itSIMPLE, created with the participation of Dr. Flavio Tonidandel from Centro Universitário da FEI. itSIMPLE was in fact a software environment to solve planning problems and a target to implement and test new ideas on how to treat planning as design and how to evaluate good plans once provided. The tool started showing a...

Javier Martinez Silva

   Javier Martinez Silva belongs to SIDIA-Samsung, a research center dedicated to computer systems embedded in different mobile and fixed devices. The research center is located in Manaus, closed to the Amazon forest. Javier is a former student of USP and made his PhD and a pos-doc term in D-Lab. Today he maintains his collaboration with us in the areas of Artificial Intelligence - specifically AI Planning - and formal verification of goal-oriented requirements and processes based...